New web site design

October 11, 2022
Welcome to the new Tropic Designs web site! I've been working hard behind the scenes getting this site together.  I wanted something quick clean and functional, so the site is static, not database driven.
I plan to host most of my current and classic software titles here for download. For those of you that remember titles like Weather Signature and MyIPAlert, these programs will be available for download soon. Many of you have been asking about these two programs, so I decided to update them first.
While browsing the site, most every product page will have a floating icon on the lower right side. This is not a chat icon, it's basically an inbox for updates, suggestions, news, feedback, etc. for each specific product . You can subscribe to each individual product inbox and you'll only receive email for that specific product when there's new activity.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the new web site and find something that you like!
Brad Larned
Tropic Designs
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